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[Top] 105 Experiences, restaurants etc.

Du ser emneartiklen [Top] 105 Experiences, restaurants etc., som er udarbejdet af os fra mange kilder på internettet

Hulk VS Pennywise Battle
Hulk VS Pennywise Battle


The island is located right in the middle of the Kattegat. You can catch the ferry to the island of Grenaa and it takes about 3 hours to reach. In order to maintain the peaceful idyll, it has been decided that only permanent residents or business people with an errand have the opportunity to have their car on the ferry crossing. The island has an area of 22 km2 and here are about 150 permanent residents, while in 2017 a number of visitors of about 70,000 tourists a year could be reported. It testifies to the great demand for the beautiful island adventure and we understand well why Anholt is especially popular with tourists, as the island has many wonderful experiences to offer.

Desert is a popular sight on Anholt. The term stands for the approx. 80 % of the island which is covered by protected lowlands, which can sometimes provide a desert-like experience. The desert is Northern Europe’s largest continuous lowland and the air here is so clean that the approximately 300-400 species of lichens that grow here have the best conditions.

You can also go out and visit Anholt Lighthouse which is located on Totten on the eastern tip of the island. It is possible here, by agreement with the lighthouse keeper, to walk up to the top of the lighthouse and possibly get a glimpse of the seals that live in the seal sanctuary not far from there. As there is no access to the reserve itself, to avoid disturbing the many seals, the lighthouse is the best place to see them. There are about 1,400 harbor seals and 25 gray seals that live here, so the chance is great to get a glimpse of them.

Anholt Bakery and Horticulture

In 2021, three young girls from Copenhagen chose to move to the island and open their own bakery as well as run a garden center. The sale of bread and cakes takes place through a window in the White House on Østervej. Their bread is baked based on sourdough and contains the best ingredients. At the same time, the girls also serve vegetarian breakfast and lunch in the nursery, where the recipe is based on what can be found in the herb garden. So if hunger strikes, you have the opportunity to enjoy a nice breakfast or lunch, as well as the magic of the beautiful horticulture when you visit the three cool entrepreneurs.

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Dining and taste experiences

  • The Anholt restaurant – Organic ingredients and nice location overlooking the beach
  • Anholt Bakery Exciting bread baked based on sourdough and the possibility of a vegetarian lunch in their garden
  • Anholt Kro – Lovely Danish food made from scratch
  • Algot from the Sea – Sit inside or outside and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere overlooking the harbor
  • By the road – In this bistro-inspired kitchen, seasonal ingredients are used
  • Oracle Bar – Beach bar located in a raw old oil depot


  • Anholt Camping Possibility to rent caravans and cabins as well as tent sites right by the beach
  • Anholt Kro – Room rental which includes large breakfast
  • Anholt Bed and Breakfast Possibility to rent cozy double rooms
  • The Anholt warehouse Possibility to rent newly renovated rooms with a view of the harbor
  • B&B Potters House – Apartment with room for 4 people in Anholt town
  • Casablanca Hostel – Accommodation close to the harbor and city life
  • Bed and Breakfast Tanternes Hus Possibility of renting cabins with room for 2 people

Frequently asked questions

You can hop on the ferry in Grenaa.

It takes approx. 3 hours.

The island is 22 km2.

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