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Trang chủ » [Top] 111 ALAN XAFIRA DELUXE RESORT & SPA – Updated 2023 Prices & Hotel Reviews (Turkiye/Turkler, Antalya Province)

[Top] 111 ALAN XAFIRA DELUXE RESORT & SPA – Updated 2023 Prices & Hotel Reviews (Turkiye/Turkler, Antalya Province)

Du ser emneartiklen [Top] 111 ALAN XAFIRA DELUXE RESORT & SPA – Updated 2023 Prices & Hotel Reviews (Turkiye/Turkler, Antalya Province), som er udarbejdet af os fra mange kilder på internettet

Holiday 2019 Alan Xafira Deluxe Resort\u0026Spa (Alanya Turkey)
Holiday 2019 Alan Xafira Deluxe Resort\u0026Spa (Alanya Turkey)

I can’t even be bothered to explain the inadequately mesmerising pain I felt when going to this hotel. Holy fock it was so bad I literally wanted to leave, i didn’t even care about the money I spent for the trip I JUST WANTED TO LEAVE. IT IS SO BAD DON’T GO TO THIS HOTEL!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, its bad. We changed our hotel. Dirty beds, shower that doesnt work. The pool is so dirty, you can feel it on your feets when ur in it. They dont clean it. The bar doesnt have ice cubes, total waste of a drink, cuz it gets very hot.

! Worst hotel in 20 years of travelling. And it’s not us being picky- it is reality. Awful service. Can not even say it was dirty- filthy will be a better word for it. Our checking-in started with a 30 minute wait in a queue from people which were complaining about different kind of things. One was an elderly woman complaining about loud music at the hotel’s evening disco, our first thought was: she must be just a silence lover. But when we actually got to our room(pool view 2538) on the 5th floor, even with the balcony door being shut you could feel every beat and hear every word sang in it. 10 people dancing => the rest of the guests suffering until midnight, that’s when the DJ finishes his shift. Corridors in hotel leading to the rooms are dark with almost no light in them- guess why? So you do not see the horror of being in the middle of the tipping yard. See images so that you can have a virtual dive into this atmosphere instead of wasting your money being there for real. Prepare yourself for the following features of the hotel: Your room is not getting cleaned on a daily basis, or if you do not put a little sign on the door “make up my room” then it will be unlikely “cleaned” if you can call it this way at all. On our second day i have wrote a date on a steamed mirror in the bathroom so you can only see it if you take a shower as naturally mirrors/surfaces steam up, on the last day it was still there. Bed sheets were provided stained and with holes in them as if you are staying not in a 5* hotel but in a hostel. Whenever you complain to the reception, staff will hardly understand you unless you speak Turkish and it is about giving them money for any of your requests to be heard. My daughter complained several times to the reception about stained bed sheets being put on her bed by the maid, and it took them between 3-4 hours to get it changed, however if you will have a closer look at what you just have gained instead, is like have they even changed it or is it still the same sheets being put up side down? Wall papers and furniture is out dated. It really feels like renovations were due 10 years ago. Surprised they did get the 2016 reward and did that glory feeling get them carried away thinking that they do not need to keep it at high standard anymore…. There was 5 lifts in our wing(3 from reception and 2 in the corridor) to get us to the 5th floor, seriously, you do not need to rush but just steady walk and you will get to desired floor quicker if you use the stairs instead. They won’t stop at your floor or will not stop at all. Hey, you might be lucky and it will open it’s doors for you if like Ali Baba you will give it a verbal command “Open, Sesame!” don’t move yet, if the lift is not occupied by someone who was a bit luckier than you then it might be full of rubbish from yesterday or even afraid to say a day before, you might be welcomed by popcorn flakes, fruits, water puddles, plastic bottles, cups and all kind of different surprises. Restaurants- a mess like you have never seen before. You must be in and out like a flash right at the opening if you do not want to see all the colourful life of Hell’s kitchen TV show. Rotten fruits with mold on it, and believe me you do not need to specifically look for it, come to the buffet for plums or peaches and it is there smiling at you. There might be some lovers of blue cheese, but this woolly growth will keep you well away from wishing to visit this place again. Plates in the majority are dirty with dried leftovers of ketchup or other sauces, even if they look clean, flip it over and there might be a surprise waiting for you on the other side, we ended up picking up plastic plates from the beach cafe and bringing them to the main restaurant including plastic cutlery sets so that we can at least avoid more disappointments. Waiters are not working fast enough and i have noticed that some of them will deliberately miss tables, so that they do not have to clean them for the next guests. Less customers- less work on the day. One guy was walking from one end of the outdoor terrace to the other pretending he’s going to the other end to pick something up when in real life he was trying to get his mate to tidy up the tables he didn’t want to clean himself. Prepare yourself for the bad stomach, i am usually not picky about what I eat but after the first couple of days my daily ration reduced to mainly including bread and eating outside of the hotel premises. I know it is harsh to say but we have witnessed a woman guest who was vomiting in the restaurant as we were dining, can only imagine all the interesting things we have somehow missed in there. Also if you are not a smoker- get ready for a nicotine attack as there is no designated areas for smokers, so at every outdoor table they have might have smokers and vapers all around you and never mind you, you’re there with the kids. Water park- we didn’t stay much in there as I am not a big fun of a pools, however this hotel was picked only for that reason as we travelled with the kids. It only worked 2 hours in the morning(10-12) and 2 in the afternoon(14-16). So if you are thinking of enjoying a bit of a slide splash for the kids, then compare it with other water parks. I think those time frames limit you to what and when you can do. Also you must go through an underground tunnel to get there, which is dark and dingy and it also smells of a zoo. Kids club: in the evening show, kids are enjoying mini disco with a host Nadish which tries hard to entertain everyone followed by a presents ceremony for the kids, however they are advertising this club which is again very limited on attendance timings(only couple of hours a day) but forgetting to mention that you will be charged €£$10(whatever currency you have) for having your child in there watching cartoons on TV. Ice cream in the hotel is €5 never mind you are meant to be enjoying all inclusive board basis. I am getting a bit carried away and emotional now by writing this review and thinking if i have missed anything or if there was anything else….? Check the hotel’s web page which is showing you a lovely hall entrance with glass balustrades, nowhere near it in real life. some of them are missing and covered with red and white hazard tape, so if you do have a little child then make sure they come nowhere near it as otherwise it might end up on -1 floor in a split second. WiFi is at extra cost except for the reception area, but again you are on holiday so leave your gadget elsewhere and stay with the family. If you do need it for work then bad or 0 signal in the pool area. Overall I will strongly advise you to stay away from this hotel and i hope those few minutes you have spent on reading this review saved you a lot of disappointment and perhaps will give you a much better and a more memorable holiday elsewhere.…

pretty worn everything, chaise lounges torn, the food is always the same, only local drinks, if in season, you have to wait in long lines everywhere. Good akvapark. The beach is completely missed, dirty, there are no free places. Good ice cream.

I went to this hotel with my husband. Firstly it was beautiful. Food was horrendous I’ve been to Turkey loads of times I’ve never had this problem. Everyone was really nice with us our maid was fantastic clean towels everyday. I was in my room for approx two day with diarrhea. Anyway I felt like I wanted to change our sheets did it myself the maid did offer though. The noise level was another thing we are in our 60 s it was so loud mostly every single night. Men fighting running up and down corridors 3 am. Plus the walls are so thin we could actually hear the conversation next door. I’m a Scouser and could talk for England but not at 2 am. Little bus to the beach our section was really not that nice . I like walking along the prom of a evening but no where to walk too. Hotel very expensive but we found a little corner shop who sold everything we overall I’d say it’s 3 to four stars Definitely not 5. People came around with flyers for restaurant they did send a taxi free. But omg I didn’t expect to pay about 90 pound for two steaks two drinks each. I pay that at home why would I want to go to Turkey everything was in euros really expensive…

My £5000 wedding ring was stolen from my room at this hotel and the staff were so unhelpful. Would not phone the police, they didn’t check cctv nothing was done about this it was shocking! We were leaving the very next day and they promised to look into it and get back to me. I sent 100 emails and tried to phone the hotel they were not interested. We even returned to turkey 4 weeks later and walked back to the hotel to speak to them again and they were rude and again unhelpful. We won’t be back. Very unprofessional.

We had a wonderful holiday and we thank the animation team for it. The location of the hotel, which is 15 minutes away from Alanya, is 5 minutes walking distance to the beautiful beach. our rooms are cleaned daily, nice shows are on stage in the evenings

İt was very good, we were very satisfied, we came with my friend, everything was perfect, when something is missing, there is already a phone in the rooms, you can call and say, a woman was on the phone, she had a very polite conversation, our requests were handled in a short time even though it was a very busy hotel, we could go to the reception and get information when there was something we did not know. it was very nice, thank you to the xafira staff for everything

It was a good experience to stay in this hotel with my parents. Big and good hotel. It was crowded but it’s ok. We came in high season. Food is normal, entertainment is good. Room service was good, cleaned everyday. I recommend this hotel for everyone good price and good service 👍

LOOKS AMAZING BUT VERY DECIEVING We IGNORED THE “BAD REVIEWS ” TOO TRUST US IT WAS A NIGHTMARE COME TO LIFE. FOOD MOULDY , ROOM SATUATED IN MOULD , MOVED ROOM TO ANOTHER DIRTY ONE ON THE BEACH KNOW WHAT THEY ARE SENDING U TO ITS A SCAM! PLEASE AVOID THIS AREA AT ALL COSTS. Staff vile to speak to everyone rude and unhelpful for the obvious reason it is a complete hellhole. We paid nearly £3000 and I am devested this is what the outcome was my girlfriend keeps unwell with a brain condition and this trigger even more trauma she will now never travel abroad again. Its an absolute disgusting service and hotel. We have told ONTHEBEACH all the complaints sent & explained them all the horror in depth detail and the hotel is denying all complaints and we didn’t log any which is a lie ONTHEBEACH ALSO Are claiming they have NO complaints of this hotel and would do more about it if hey HAVE U SEEN THE REVIEWS! If I read them properly I wouldn’t be out of stupid money for a disgusting place to “try and cope to be in for 2 weeks” it was hell , al carte u are not even allowed to pick up food or asked how ur steak is t9 be cooked out comes out freezing cold and we walked out. The ONE hall for food was like a cattle market u had to fight for food or a table and while we were eating the staff turned the lights off and asked us to leave and we haven’t even finished our food. The floor was saturated in juice man fell smashed his head open bleeding out on the floor and still no1 stopped or rushed to help properly. This happened to 3 people when we were there. I had to SNEAK bread in my bag yo eat in my room u get no food or drink allowed past this horrible dinner hall or u get sent back. One warm bottle of water per day and that’s only it ur lucky enough to have ur room cleaned that’s all u get in ur room. Honestly the area should be closed down. Its a scam and a pretty big one they have going, all we did qas take the food and go around and feed and fed all the stray dogs and cats which I honestly was in tears daily listening to what these locals do to these animals at the end of season. I was sick for a month when home.…

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