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[Top] 166 Jet Ski Tenerife

Du ser emneartiklen [Top] 166 Jet Ski Tenerife, som er udarbejdet af os fra mange kilder på internettet

Tenerife Jet Skiing – Holding on For Dear Life!
Tenerife Jet Skiing – Holding on For Dear Life!



This is the amount you pay to reserve your place/date. The deposit, in this case, is a portion of the total amount to be paid and therefore will not be returned after the Jet Ski safari.


The remaining amount to be paid is noted as Arrival. You will pay this on the day of your booked experience upon check-in. This can be done in cash or via card unless your ticket states otherwise.

Your paid down payment, and the amount to be paid on arriving, will be listed on your E-ticket that you will receive after you place your order.

Tenerife jet ski video

Tenerife jet ski

You see many Tenerife jet ski advertisements online of, say, 20-40 minutes of jet skiing, which is normally very cheap. Club Canary has decided not to offer this because jet skiing around the buoys is nothing really special. What however is really special to do in Tenerife is the jet ski safari, which you can read more about below.

Jet ski safari Tenerife

There are several Tenerife jet skiing options but the most popular choice among tourists is this Tenerife jet ski safari. The Tenerife jet ski safari is a 60-kilometer jet ski trip along the coastline of the island. On this Tenerife jet ski tour, you will discover the real fun of jet skiing while exploring the open ocean. During this 2-hour jet ski experience you will have the chance to encounter marine life, beautiful beaches and rocky coves. Please note this is all done from a reasonable distance for your own safety and to minimize disturbance to nature. The Tenerife Jetski safari is a combination of a little exploring and action, making it one of the most popular Tenerife water sports among tourists and locals as a result.

Tenerife jet ski tour

Tenerife’s jet ski tour takes you over approximately 60 kilometers of crystal clear coastal waters. During this jet ski safari you will ride on the latest and fastest jet ski models. Throughout the jet ski excursion, you will be accompanied by an experienced guide in a motorboat, who will ensure your safety and also take some great photos. You can buy these amazing photos of you on a jet ski in Tenerife afterwards, but they certainly apply to a wonderful upgrade of your Instagram page.

Tenerife jet ski safari

The jet ski company will pick you up from your hotel in the south of Tenerife and bring you to the harbour in Las Galletas. There we begin this jet ski trip of about 60 km. The tour consists of both action riding in the open ocean and sightseeing along the stunning coastline of the south. During this Tenerife jet ski safari, you will have plenty of time to swap between riders to give everyone to experience the thrill of riding a new model jet ski. Keep your eyes peeled as you will almost certainly encounter dolphins at some stage during your two-hour jet ski safari in Tenerife. This jet ski excursion is great for families, older people, and couples. Make sure you book in time because the jet ski safari has been Tenerife’s most popular water sport for years.

Club Canary jet ski opinion

Of the various jet ski offers in Tenerife, we recommend this 2-hour jet ski safari the most. The reason is that the price is quite reasonable and you can enjoy jet skiing without the time flying by. This is especially nice for when you choose to double jet ski and have to share the Tenerife jet ski tour with someone else. For people who want to rent a Tenerife jet ski, you can find information why it is virtually impossible via the link. Should you be looking for a more private jet ski experience the VIP Jet Ski trip is the best choice. If it is your 1st time jet skiing then you can find this little video on things you need to know about Jet Skiing.

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