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[Top] 194 Frontpage – Kokkedal Slot Copenhagen

Du ser emneartiklen [Top] 194 Frontpage – Kokkedal Slot Copenhagen, som er udarbejdet af os fra mange kilder på internettet

Kokkedal Castle Copenhagen 5⋆ Review 2019
Kokkedal Castle Copenhagen 5⋆ Review 2019

A Warm Welcome!

Kokkedal Castle Copenhagen is an unpretentious sanctuary where anything can happen. Surrounded by captivating nature and still surprisingly close to the city of Copenhagen, you get a feeling of freedom and space as soon as you enter the Castle Square.

Built in 1746, this stately country escape with a modern twist is in a more beautiful shape than ever before. Because here we dwell little on the past, but live in the moment, and put all our energy into giving our guests the very best of experiences.

Tell us what you are in the mood for, and allow us to create an ideal break that is completely bespoke to you.

Up for a party? Then let loose at the Castle. Want to have some fun with the world’s best friends? Then it won’t get more fun than here.

Simply looking for a little bit of me time? Whether it is a relaxing massage or crisp bubbles you are longing for, this is the right place.

Call it luxurious pampering, wellness, strolling, or maybe just good times. Because is that not what it is all about? Two hours or two days where you do just as you please..

Let us lower your shoulders and raise the glass for the good life at the castle.

We look forward to your visit.

See what you can expect at Kokkedal Slot Copenhagen in the video below (remember sound):

En kvinde sidder på en havestol som hænger under et træ, mens hun kæler en hund


Whatever time of the year, at Kokkedal Castle Copenhagen you will experience the exceptional, as each season sets its own charming backdrop for your stay.

Treat yourself to a holiday stay in magnificent, yet unpretentious surroundings. Enjoy an intimate and exclusive escape a world away from home, and indulge in classic castle elegance with a very distinct Nordic twist.


At Kokkedal Castle Copenhagen there is a sense of place and always something to enjoy.

Experience its far-reaching views, ancient woodlands and seaside villages on foot or from the back of a mountainbike or horseback.

Our unique location is an ideal starting point for visiting some of the best art museums and royal sights in North Zealand and Copenhagen – and most can be reached in just half an hour.

En mand og en kvinde er ved at starte en hyggelig cykeltur med hotellet i baggrunden
En kvinde iført en mands skjorte sidder på sengen og kigger ned på manden i bar mave som sidder på gulvet

Far from everyday life

Check in at Kokkedal Castle Copenhagen and enjoy a liberating stay, where exuberance and good experiences are all-inclusive.

Whether you come to escape a little or to let go, you will find the perfect setting here.


With a gift voucher for Kokkedal Castle Copenhagen, you give an unforgettable gift that is guaranteed to bring joy.

Choose from tailor-made experiences or allow the recipient to choose how the gift voucher is to be used.

En kvinde i grøn kjole smiler med håndstrakt arm som bliver holdt af en mand

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