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[Top] 36 Ristoranti Preferiti

Du ser emneartiklen [Top] 36 Ristoranti Preferiti, som er udarbejdet af os fra mange kilder på internettet

Best Restaurants and Places to Eat in Viareggio, Italy
Best Restaurants and Places to Eat in Viareggio, Italy

Eating in Viareggio: Where to go? Which venue to choose? We will try to advise you on which are for us the top 10 restaurants nearby, find out with us where to spend a memorable evening at dinner!

I would dare to define the friends of “Miro” as artists of the Viareggina culinary tradition.

Historic venue of the Viareggina dock founded in 1954, it was born as a tavern for fishermen and today it is one of the best fish restaurants in Viareggio.

Daniele, Manuela and Vincenzo will welcome you with a sincere smile, but it will only be the beginning because they will lead you into a sublime taste experience. Always fresh and selected fish, careful choice of wines and a spontaneous mastery with which they manage to combine the Viareggina tradition and the innovation of tastes. I’m not good enough to explain you in words, so the suggestion is: Book a dinner at “Miro”. You will not regret it.

P.s. Only for demanding palates!

Meat Fish Restaurant price 40-50 € – Phone: +39 0584 384065 +39 333 4906889

Via coppino, 289 55049 Viareggio (LU)

Directly from Bergamo to Viareggio! A company of friends and excellent restaurateurs manage the sandwich restaurant “al 53” in piazza d Azeglio in Viareggio, next to the “Massimo Rebecchi” boutique.

Inside there are several rooms to sit in as well as an outdoor veranda.The restaurant is informal and also suitable for a quick meal.

The service is very fast, and the cuisine is homemade, and it is one of the few restaurants in Viareggio where you will be served even if you are a bit late compared to the classic Italian lunch and dinner times.

The menu is very varied with typical Bergamo dishes such as the “casoncelli” flanked by a typical Viareggina seafood cuisine, as well as a huge choice of sandwiches including a delicious “Hamburgher di Angus”.

The cook Luca suggests …….

The prices are really low and for all budgets.

All to be savored and the wide selection of beers served including the “petrognola” zero kilometer beer from Garfagnana and the “borgo al cornio” produced in a co-based brewery in Tuscany.

Ristorante Carne Pesce prezzo 10-30€ – Telefono: 0584 583272

Piazza Massimo D’Azeglio 53 – Viareggio, Lucca

It is located 20 meters from the Hotel Tahiti, in Via Buonarroti 63, Structured like an inn of yesteryear, with exposed bricks on the walls, neat and tasteful.

Fish cuisine with typical Viareggini dishes such as spaghetti alla “trabaccolara” or “carbonara di mare”.

It is possible to sit in the internal room or on the external veranda. Chef Luca usually goes to each table to advise you, gives you a couple of jokes and goes back to cooking, we advise you to listen to him and suggest the best dishes of the day.

The prices are low for a full meal and spend between 25 and 30 euros and the quality of the food is excellent, the service is friendly and fast, it is very popular and reservations are recommended.

Ristorante Pesce prezzo 25-30€ Telefono: 0584 961003

Via Buonarroti, 63 Viareggio Toscana


Ristorante Carne Pesce prezzo 20-25€ Telefono: 0584 631399

ia Michele Coppino, 99 Viareggio, Lucca

The name derives from a shelf for bottles entirely covered with pine bark, present in the restaurant in the early 1960s, when the Cecchi family from Florence decided to open the restaurant.

It is a restaurant with a modern structure but with a traditional, rustic Tuscan style. It has a large parking area is very spacious and in summer you can also eat on the veranda in the garden.

The owner, Davide is a nice guy with a great wine making culture, he will be able to personally advise you on the dishes of the day and make you feel at home.

Typical Tuscan cuisine, steaming soups, creamy risottos, fresh homemade pasta, second courses with seasonal vegetables, cheeses and cured meats, large mixed boiled meats, dishes based on cod and stockfish, baked pork shank (to name a few), while in summer it bakes delicacies based on mushrooms and fish.

Of particular enological interest, the cellar that combines excellent quality Tuscan wines with some selected bottles from renowned Italian and foreign wineries.

Trattoria Carne prezzo 25-35€ VIA SARZANESE, 638

MASSAROSA (LU) telefono 0584 93103

Ristorante Carne Pesce prezzo 20-30€ Telefono: 0584 56276

V. Marco Polo, 4 Viareggio, Lucca

Ristorante Carne Pesce prezzo 30-40€ Telefono: 0584 962183

Via S. Martino, 73 Viareggio, Lucca

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