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[Top] 44 Suoi Tien Amusement Park

Du ser emneartiklen [Top] 44 Suoi Tien Amusement Park, som er udarbejdet af os fra mange kilder på internettet

Khu Du Lịch Suối Tiên – Biển Tiên Đồng Ngọc Nữ 2022
Khu Du Lịch Suối Tiên – Biển Tiên Đồng Ngọc Nữ 2022

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Far about 19km from the city center on Hanoi Highway, Suoi Tien Amusement Park, also known as Suoi Tien Theme Park is situated in Tan Phu ward, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City. The amusement park is located on an S-shaped hilly region 200,000m2 wide, which retains a stream in the middle with numerous winding groundwater flowing through the length of 2,000m. Suoi Tien Amusement Park is one of the famous amusement parks in Ho Chi Minh attracting the large number of domestic and foreign tourists. Here, tourists will have an opportunity to enjoy the charming natural scenery. The streams, woods, and artificial lakes…here are arranged in the harmonious combination with the green space.

Suoi Tien Amusement Park consists of a amusement complex with its style, architecture and entertainment categories mounted on the images of history and Vietnamese legens suh as Lac Long Quan – Au Co, Hung Kings, Son Tinh (Mountain God) – Thuy Tinh (Water God), nine floors of hell and sacred animals, namely Dragon – Unicorn – Turtle – Phoenix. The amusement park also maintains an underwater amusement park and monumental work items. It is one of the bewitching tourist sites attracting the large number of tourists in Ho Chi Minh City tourism. Suoi Tien Theme Park is also one of the indispensable tourist addresses in the journey of discovering Ho Chi Minh City travel.

Construction items in Suoi Tien Amusement Park are divided into 12 main areas. The unique feature of Suoi Tien is historic and legendary characteristics of architectural works serving the entertainment demand of tourists. The clusters of model here are inspired from the legends of Vietnamese nation and ideology of Eastern mysticism. With dreams of a peaceful, prosperous world, designers of Suoi Tien Theme Park established 4 zones under the legends of 4 sacred animals, namely Dragon, Unicorn, Turtle and Phoenix. Each zone is corresponding to one out of Five Elements, for instance, metal, wood, water, fire and earth, the earth of which took the center position. Charming beauty in the dexterously harmonious combination between nature and artificiality, ancient and modern architecture in an airy space has turned Suoi Tien Park actually into one of the most enchanting Ho Chi Minh City attractions.

Apart from architectural works of history, culture and entertainment, Suoi Tien Amusement Park is also home to many kinds of precious animals, for instance, aquatic species, chimpanzees, tigers, bears, especially crocodile pond with nearly 2,000 species to meet the needs of going sightseeing for tourists. Visiting Suoi Tien Theme Park, tourists have a chance to admire the beauty of aquarium with hundreds of species of fish swimming in the glass tunnel. Beside the impressive entertainment, tourists going to Suoi Tien will have the opportunity to find the source of national culture through 4 magnificent festivals, namely Hung Kings Festival, Southern Fruit Festival, Vu Lan Festival (Ghost Festival) and Christmas Holiday welcoming new year. Discovering the unique cultural features and wonderful festive atmosphere in Suoi Tien is one of the most captivating things to do in Ho Chi Minh City.

A special architectural works attracting the great number of tourists at Suoi Tien is Tien Dong (Young Fairy) Beach – the only model of artificial beach in Vietnam. The most prominent in Tien Dong Beach area is the 70m high mountain ranges built majestically and magnificently with the giant statue of Lac Long Quan. Overlooking the enormous statue is Au Co Mountain and Ngu Chau Hoang Mountains along the north, Huong Khu Mountain, Thien Thuy Mountain, Bong Lai (Penglai) Mountain… All creates an awe-inspiring amusement space modern and full of national cultural identity. Thanks to its splendor and magnificence, Suoi Tien Theme Park deserves as one of the most delightful tourist attractions in Ho Chi Minh City.

Setting foot on Suoi Tien, tourists will be immersed in an airy natural scenery, satisfied to discover architectural works both showcasing modern features and demonstrating the characteristics of traditional culture such as Tien Dong Beach, Phung Hoang Tien Palace, The secret of Co Loa Citadel, The secret of Witch Forest, and Roller Coaster…. In addition, the modern architectural complex on international level such as dolphin performing show and 4D screening technology at Cinemax 4D… also offer tourist numerous interesting impressions. Tourists also have a chance to enjoy the spectacular and elaborate theatrical performing arts and comedy music program completely free.

Suoi Tien Theme Park brings paranormal and interesting experiences with the great number of majestic wonders. The feelings of relaxing and soothing when visiting Suoi Tien Park on train in the scenery filled with shady plants will certainly be unforgettable for tourists. Thanks to the wonderful scenery and engaging amusement activities, Suoi Tien Cultural Park is worth to become the ideal tourist site in Saigon tourism attracting the large number of domestic and international tourists.

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